What to drink in Saint Petersburg Russia

What to drink in Saint Petersburg Russia

The first Drink you think when it comes is of course Vodka, although vodka actually originates from Poland. There are many vodkas to choose from obviously but I speak about that on my Blog.

You drink Vodka neat here and by the shot glass and normally eat a salty fish snack directly afterwards. Mixing your vodka is unheard of, but younger generation Russians are not offended if you do take a mix.

Other Russian Drinks

Mors – Traditional Homemade Fruit Juice

Herbal Teas – Homemade from Herbs found in Russia.

Kvass – Think very low alcohol beer

Birch juice – Made from Birch Tree sap

Fermented milk products – Kefir and Baked Milk

Mors (Russian: морс) is a non-carbonated Russian fruit drink prepared from berries. Lovely refreshment in Summer.
This Russian style homemade juice is usually made lingonberry and cranberry (although sometimes blueberries,strawberries or raspberries). It’s made by boiling berries with sugar or just mixing pure juice with sweetened water.

Teas and herbal teas There are a variety of Teas made from Herbs and Berries find in Russia. I remember having delicious berry a tea on top of Mount Elbrus , mid winter.
Berries and herbs for tea making include Lingonberries, Smorodina (currant) leaves, Tavolga or Labaznik (Filipéndula), Zveroboy (Hypericum),Ivan Chai (Chamérion angustifólium)

Kvass is a traditional Slavic and Baltic beverage commonly made from rye bread. It has very low alcohol 0.5% , and a popular everyday drink.
Its a called a black bread drink and is healthier than fizzy drinks thankfully. Normally home brewed you can find popular brands in the shops.


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