Saint Petersburg Walking Tour

Saint Petersburg Walking Tour

Saint Petersburg is considered the Cultural Capital of Russia . With over 120 performing arts theaters across the city, many are sponsored by the State.
.Museums play an impressive part in the cultural life of her citizens. There are 65 to choose from. Children are encouraged from a young age to appreciate Russian and foreign cultures from all across the world. A strong sense of Russian identity is nurtured and encouraged.

The population in the year 2018 for Saint Petersburg is estimated to be 5.28 Million. It is the second most populace city in Russia after Moscow at 12.19 million .

This city is considered to be the most “European ” city in Russia. So in many respects it is the most cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city ,embracing trends and being at the forefront of the arts and design. Her citizens reflect this in fashion, attitude and general vibe.

One of the most exceptional natural phenomenons is the Saint Petersburg’s “White Nights” during Summer from about June 11 to July 2 .
I experienced my first White Nights this year 2018 and it blew my mind that at about 22:00 it was still Light outside. Plays havoc with ones sleep patterns as day break starts again at 3:00 am the next morning. There is a White nights festival and fun things to do during this time. Bizarre and fun.


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