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The Grand Metro Tour

The  Grand Metro Tour, what makes this engineering marvel worth a tour is that there are a few Metro Stations which like Museums to past glories, the system was built during the Soviet era and carry interesting symbolism.

The Grand Metro Tour is definitely one of our most interesting tours, what makes this tour a must see is its beautiful architecture a few stations commemorate famous historical figures and scenes from Russians illustrious history.  Two and a half million people use this metro daily, quite staggering if you think about (yet only the 12 busiest metro system in the world)We call it the Grand Metro Tour because of its refined and beautiful stations.The Saint Petersburg Metro was opened in the 15th of November in 1955, ten years after the ravages of the Second World War. The concept behind making Metro Stations so attractive was for these reasons, most Saint Petersburg Citizens used public transport because traveling by car or even owning a car was not seen as important for the common man which meant that people spend up to 2 or 3 hours commuting everyday.

They were called or designed as Palaces of People a strong symbol of Socialist rule was to prove to its citizenry that life was better and more organised than the West.

Public transport is indeed efficient and in most cases still better than the West.

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