"The 2 hours we spent with Alexander were the most interesting of our time in Saint Petersburg. When the tour we had booked with another company was cancelled without warning, Alex welcomed us with open arms and a great attitude. He is kind, intelligent, friendly, and knows many interesting and unknown facts about the city. He takes the time to explain everything to us, show us the best viewpoints, restaurants, parks, and attractions. The tour felt like we were walking around the city with a very knowledgeable friend. He is definitely passionate and cares about his customers, I felt comfortable to ask any questions I could have, ask for recommendations, and have great conversations with him. I would recommend Alexander’s tours to anyone visiting Saint Petersburg, I promise you will love it, and you will leave it with more fun facts than you could ever think of! Thank you Alex for the amazing experience, we will remember this tour for a very long time!!"
Catherine Girard
Business Student
My wife, myself and two year old daughter took a fun, interesting, entertaining and highly informative walking tour around Saint Petersburg with Alexander. He is a patient, knowledgeable guide who was very flexible to the needs of our young family. Highly recommend taking a tour around the city with Alexander who will give you lots of insight into this fascinating, beautiful city.
Patrick Carlson
Alexander brought this beautiful, historic city to life with interesting stories and facts about the many places we saw on our walking tour. He is well spoken and clearly has a passion for what he does.It was our first guided walking tour and it made seeing this city (with a toddler) hassle-free and fun. It certainly won't be our last as this was one of our better experiences on our trip.
Carmen Carlson
The very first thing we did after arriving in St Petersburg was to do the walking tour with Alexander. It turned out to be the highlight of our 9 day stay there. The fact that it was in English made it easy to absorb the wealth of information Alexander churned out as we moved from one incredible sight to the other. His undersranding of Russian history, heritage, culture at the sites is absolutely amazing. With each statue, building etc you got a comprehensive explanation of the story behind it. Who created it and for whom or what purpose. The historical or cultural significance. Its an all encompasimg extremely informative walking tour. By a person who is clearly a history, art, culture, tourism etc enthusiast. Who speaks with great passion on these topics. We enjoyed our walk with Alexander Hart in St Petersburg. We can now with ease identify the majority of sites with a little story. All thanks to this walking resevoir of Russian heritage. It is a walking tour I would reccommend to every visitor to St Petersburg as a must do. I plan on doing it again with my next visit.
Ferdy Andrews
Skills Development
Alexander is very well spoken.You really get to understand him when visiting all the famous landmarks in St. Petersbugh. I am really honoured to be part of his first tour group. Plus he and the mrs.makes a mean team. Thanks boet! #proudlysouthafrican
Kevin Jacobs
Factory Manager
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