My First New Years Eve in Russia.

My First New Years Eve in Russia.

My First New Years Eve in Russia.

As in a relatively new expat living in Saint Petersburg I experienced New Years Eve for the first time and it has been quite a trip.

First of all you have to get used to the whole Christmas Day 25th meaning very little to the regular Russian although the whole of December is a holiday of sorts, snow, and of course the most magnificent street light displays I have ever seen. Truly beautiful and elegant as opposed to the garish lights I was used to in my former city Cape Town ( I am just being honest here.

Secondly, so the big day on the festive calendar in New Years Eve, also the day you hand out presents to your children and family under the famous fir tree.

One of my observations is that Christmas is spectacular here in Russia and taken very seriously, it was a surprise seeing people still rushing to buy trees even as late as the 31st of December, a remark we made while off to the New Years party seeing a grandmother or Babuska hurrying across the road to her family we gather.

Now for 8 days of holiday fun until the 8th of January.

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