Fun things to so in Saint Petersburg Russia like a local

There are many fun things to do as locals do. Russians will stand in queues going to their favourite museums, theaters and parks. A people who really celebrate their Culture and of course enjoy entertainment beyond watching TV. ( I find many Russians reading books on the metro instead of looking into their phones)

My Russian friends say

” I like treating myself to different burger joints across the city on the weekend”

“I play in an indoor Soccer league” says the other.

” I go play board games at a few different restros for fun, its a quite a new trend”

” I like hanging out at New Holland during Summer ” definitely a local secret.

” We go to our Dacha (small patch of land where families cultivate , tomatoes, potatoes , berries etc during Summer)

” We also enjoy the Banya (Sauna) during winter”

” I enjoy hanging out with friends and hanging out at restaurants and even their homes “

Chizhik-pyzhik coin tossing is a fun thing to do here near the Summer Gardens .
The tiny statue is of a Siskin, a song bird, students from an old university nearby wore green and yellow uniforms, which made them look like this songbird. There is also a Rabbit at Hare Island and a Cat, tiny soldier guards, all good lucks charms across the city . Its typical to find locals and tourists trying their luck at each site .

You toss a coin and try and get it to land on the ledge below for luck.

Soviet era Arcade Games This is also a fun place to hang out. I went there with my friend and we hang out and played games like cool kids . Definitely fun thing to do.
The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines in St. Petersburg offers 40 or so original video arcade games from the 1970’s and 80’s period which are presented in a Soviet-style arcade of the period.

Street Buskers It s typical to find buskers and muso’s playing up and down Nevksy Pospekt all year round . They are popular and some rely solely on busking for income.
Russians love music and celebrate music culture, Buskers can be found all over, sometimes on the metro, or outside metro stations, playing popular songs and Russian favourites from all genres, including which is peculiar a Russian style “Rap”


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