The Grand Tour is a perfect way for you to get an excellent introduction and feel for this beautiful city.

Join Alexander Hart, internationally experienced tour guide and story teller extraordinaire on a Free Tour Saint Petersburg. 

Alexander is an enthusiastic native english speaking tour guide who loves showing guests around, his adopted city.  

In our experience is it always better to tour with owner of the business, as they generally take more care to deliver a quality tour as their livelihood depends on it This goes for most service industry vocations. 

10:00  14:00

Alexander Column Palace Square ( See Google Map below) 

90 mins is the perfect length for  a free tour saint petersburg , we value your precious “holiday time” and seek to make the most of your time with us

This also gives you time to explore some of the awesome sites we point out on the tour, for instance fitting in the Hermitage, or Walk on the Isaac Cathedral Colonade.

You can book by Whatsapp | Telegram | Viber  (best response time almost immediately) or email info@saintepertersburginenglish.com or simply fill in the booking form

"The 2 hours we spent with Alexander were the most interesting of our time in Saint Petersburg. When the tour we had booked with another company was cancelled without warning, Alex welcomed us with open arms and a great attitude. He is kind, intelligent, friendly, and knows many interesting and unknown facts about the city. He takes the time to explain everything to us, show us the best viewpoints, restaurants, parks, and attractions. The tour felt like we were walking around the city with a very knowledgeable friend. He is definitely passionate and cares about his customers, I felt comfortable to ask any questions I could have, ask for recommendations, and have great conversations with him. I would recommend Alexander’s tours to anyone visiting Saint Petersburg, I promise you will love it, and you will leave it with more fun facts than you could ever think of! Thank you Alex for the amazing experience, we will remember this tour for a very long time!!"
Catherine Girard
Business Student
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