Everything you need to know about Free Walking Tour St Petersburg

Everything about Free Walking Tour St Petersburg.

Hi I’m Alexander a free walking tour guide from South Africa and now Russia. Free walking tours have taken the world by storm over the past few years, no less here in Saint Petersburg Russia.

I learnt the Art of Free Walking Tours by offering a similar tour experience in Cape Town first on my own and then as part of a popular and well marketed outfit. Over 4 years of my life.


Is it necessary to book a tour?

I do like to know if you’re coming on my tour even though I run scheduled free walking tour in the city.

Where we meet?

We start both of our tours at the Archway Leading to Palace Square. Save this Link. Triumfal’naya Arka Zdaniye Glavnogo Shtaba, Palace Square, Saint Petersburg

How long is the tour?

90 mins to 2 Hours (Usually if we are busy we stick to exact timing)

Tour Times.

10:30 The GRAND TOUR


How many tours do we do per day?

We have 2 options, starting at different times during the day.

10:30 The GRAND TOUR


Do you need t be fit?

Moderate fitness, the walk is relatively flat. Bring good shoes.

Is it really Free?

At the outset although tours like this are advertised as free there is an understanding as is it all over the world that you as the walker or guest on the tour pay for the tour by way of tips per person to the guide. It is entirely voluntary and gratuitous, a token of your appreciation of the tour. Usually ( and in my experience) this is the only income a walking tour guide derives and the only he or she will get remunerated. One the one hand you can be seen as a form begging and on the other someone simply  making a living by offering their time and expertise and providing a service.

Do Guides get paid by the company?

No in fact guides actual pay a portion of their tips for marketing and getting you the customer in front of them. This is absolutely fair in my mind, because with no guests you’re basically dead in the water as a guide. Some companies work out a percentage others have a flat fee per person. Here again I prefer the flat fee as you have the feeling as a guide that you’re “getting lucky” when someone is extremely generous.

How much is a reasonable tip or gratuity or as some might even call it a donation?

Usually a fair tip in on our st petersburg free walking tour,  per person is around RUB 1000 to RUB 2000 p/p for a 90 min to 2 hour walk.

How do I feel about a being free walking tour st peterburg guide?

Truth is this is a marvelous way to meet people and share my love for  this beautiful city. Yes sometimes people do leave the tour without contributing anything at all, which grates a little,you will most likely make up for it a with generous tips from others. My philosophy towards this is quite simple, You have to have an open heart and inwardly know your worth as a human and as a guide. It is amazing to me how with this simple approach people are generous and allow me to entertain them for an hour and half and ofcourse show them things would never have otherwise researched or noticed by themselves.

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