Come and explore Saint Petersburg with us. Walking Tour of Saint Petersburg

Come and explore Saint Petersburg with us

We have designed the perfect day for you to enjoy Saint Petersburg Russia on foot, on both special and free walking tours.

Welcome to Saint Petersburg in English Walking Tours.

We find that when you travel to a new city your natural curiosity takes over, that is why walking tours are so popular because this curiosity is met with people who can answer your questions and show you around. You get a first hand feel for the city’s vibe and can hear stories told by locals and enthusiasts. Guided tours offer you insights that you would not have otherwise known or simply won’t discover on your own.

Our Waking Tour of St Petersburg, Walking Tours of Saint Petersburg  have been carefully curated to make the most of your stay in Saint Petersburg. They have been perfectly designed for you to spend the entire day with us, however you can do the tours that interest you on our tour schedule depending on your time availability.

These tours are ideal for first time and seasoned travelers to Saint Petersburg, adding colour and details to your stay, directly from locals and people who care.

Free Walking Tour

10:45 and 15:00 The Grand Tour

Awesome introduction to this beautiful and culturally rich city. Our “Grand Tour” has been specifically designed and curated to give you the best introduction to this magnificent and culturally rich city. Our Grand Tour covers useful historical stories and aims to bring the city’s interesting stories to life and in a fun and engaging way.

13:00 The Hidden Gems Tour

The Hidden Gems Tour explores interesting hidden away places and reveals some of the cities secrets and legends. Our local tour guides are encouraged to share their own personal stories and favourite gems, making this tour personal and more interesting as a result.

Special Walking Tour

10:45 Food Tour ( Our most popular Tour)

Join our local guides and food enthusiasts on a fun filled Russian Food Tour aimed at visitors who want to get a taste of the local food culture. The idea behind our most popular tour is for you to get a real taste of Russia.

We visit a few stops/ cafes/Restros on our tour which are carefully curated to give an overview of both Saint Petersburg specific and Russian dishes and treats. The tour is a walking tour which takes about 100 Minutes ( we try and plan for queuing ) this is why it is important to book up front, but you can make last minute plans if you decide to join us at the last minute.

13:00 The Metro Tour

The Metro Tour is a fascinating tour through the Historic Saint Petersburg Metro system. Metro Stations were designed as “Palaces of the People” in the height of the Soviet Union’s Communist policies. More Museum than boring stations. This also a popular tour.

19:00 Night Tour

Explore Saint Petersburg inner city at night, includes the most popular street in central SPB, Nevsky Prospekt (Avenue) This is a lovely time to stroll the streets, take in the vibe, and hear her stories, told by a local. Point out a few hidden gems, including places to eat and drink.

Book by Direct Message or email me Alexander at  info@saintpetersburginenglish.com

Alexander your host is an expat from South Africa living in Saint Petersburg. He met his wife while leading a walking tour in Cape Town. He thoroughly enjoys his new way of life in this exotic and different country and city. Join him on a fascinating voyage of discovery as he explores the city and Russian culture.

Natalia is our Food Tour specialist and certified Local Guide. She was born in Saint Petersburg and knows everything about her native city. 4 years ago Natalia left her office job to become a passionate tour guide. She loves showing guests the best of Russian Culture and Cuisine. As a local guide she knows all the insider secrets and out of the way places to explore in this beautiful city.

Our tours are scheduled so you can pick and choose your time slot at different times of the day.

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