Arsene | Urban Stroller Collaboration with Saint Petersburg in English

Arsene | Urban Stroller Collaboration with Saint Petersburg in English

Arsene Konnov is passionate about everything offbeat about Saint Petersburg.

His knowledge about the city spans from its magnificent architecture and glorious history to today’s coolest places and venues praised by locals.

A natural born storyteller, he likes to weave stories, observations of both meaningful details and the “big picture”, art history, poetry and fiction into a graphic and fascinating narrative about one of the world’s greatest cities – one guided tour at a time. 

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His favorite destinations? How about the dark and mystical corners of the former Imperial capital described by famous Russian writers? Or magnificent Russian Art Nouveau architecture of Petrogradskaya side? Or Narvsky district, rich in its revolutionary history and full of gems of Soviet futurist and neo-imperial architecture from 1920s to 1950s? Or the world’s largest naval fortress of Kronstadt? Or maybe impressive ruins of the former world-famous rubber factory? But wait, there’s more – Saint Petersburg’s creative spaces inhabiting former naval warehouses, early XIX century breweries, old nobility mansions in the very city centre, or a former Siemens cable factory, and even an exploration of the city’s waterfront on a sailboat!

Offbeat tours:

Russian Art Nouveau and Avant-Garde tour – 2,5 hours / 3000 RUR

Revolutionary and Soviet Leningrad tour – 2,5 hours / 3000 RUR

Kronstadt town and naval fortress – 5 hours / 6000 RUR 

Offbeat museums tour – 4 hours / 5000 RUR

Creative spaces tour – 3 hours / 4000 RUR

Creative Shopping tour – 3 hours / 4000 RUR 

Sailboat tour – 3 hours / 6000 RUR

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