3 Best Museums to visit in Saint Petersburg Russia

3 Best Museums to visit in Saint Petersburg Russia

These 3 Museums are the most popular and in my estimation the museums you simply have to visit on your trip to Saint Petersburg.

Firstly the Hermitage often called the Winter Palace which is actually one of the buildings making up the museum complex. I personally recommended finding the Golden Peacock Clock, and work of art and mechanical marvel. I will also add the Summer Gardens as an additional thing to do while here. (Peter’s First Summer Palace, a smaller more humble building)

Russians are very proud of the Hermitage and rightly so, it houses an astonishing collection of Art Works from all over the world and are simply “priceless” in value. Both the young the old visit this museum and others and its is typical of ordinary Russians to tell you what they enjoy best at the Hermitage. Its a cultural appreciation thing , it’s celebrated here to be seen as culturally aware.

The Catherine Palace is on every worthwhile tour itinerary because its another National Gem. Usually requested on day tours. One of my personal favourites even with so many awesome Palaces to choose from.

Peterhof is also fantastic, and I highly recommend making the effort to get there to see the famous fountains and Gardens. When I first visited it was mid winter and my fiance and I walked on the iced over Finnish Gulf beach, quite a thrill.

  1. Hermitage Visiting the Hermitage is the most important thing to do on your visit here This world famous art museum is much loved by locals and travelers alike. Also known as the Winter Palace, its museum complex comprising 6 buildings hosts fascinating collections comprising, Egyptian antiquities, Classical antiquities, Prehistoric art, Jewelry and decorative art, Italian and Spanish fine art, Russian art, German, Swiss, British and French fine art. Totally Worth it!
  2. Catherine Palace Named after Catherine 1 and not Catherine the Great ll, a common mistake, is the beautiful palace, just outside of SPB in a small village called Pushkin
    The Palace houses the famous reconstructed Amber room, the original they say was stolen by the Germans during WWll. ( Still a mystery) . This is a tourist favourite and rightly so, beautiful and Grand. Lovely walk through the gardens.
  3. Peterhof I personally love Peterhof , accessible by hydrofoil taxi and by public transport, it is a beautiful complex of different museums and an impressive garden.
    The most impressive feature of Peterhof are the Fountains which are produced by gravity and not mechanical pumps. This was the first museum I saw in Russia (mid winter its free) and I immediately was overwhelmed by its splendour and grandeur. The gardens are immaculate and definitely a Russian National treasure


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