10 Russian Food Treats you’ll be able to taste on our Russian Food Tour Saint Petersburg #foodtourspb

The Russian Food Tour Saint Petersburg #foodtourspb is an excellent fun way to get a feeling for Russian Food culture, especially the unique Saint Petersburg lifestyle which is so different to other Russian cities .

Our Russian Food Tour covers some interesting elements of what makes Russian Food Special, from its origins in peasant style Food to the more Opulent Caviar selections. Our tour covers all the major Russian Food Traditions.

Our  Russian Food Tour is a fun 2 hour walking tour within central Saint Petersburg, we stop at authentic Russian Food Restaurants/Cafes and sample a variety of delicious traditional food treats. Come hungry, bring cash or card  for food, drinks and tasty gifts.

Our First Foodtour Stop starts off with as is customary in Russia , a Vodka Liqueur right off the bat as they say, there are non Alcoholic options too so don’t worry.

At PETROV-VODKIN ,a Russian tapas bar and restaurant with the atmosphere of a hearty Russian tavern a kabak, they  serve a wide selection of appetizers and dishes of Russian cuisine. And, of course, the best accompaniment to a Russian-style feast: vodka and homemade vodka based liqueurs.

Here we personally recommend these combinations from the  Tapas Bar

  1. Horseradish Vodka based Liqueur and Baltic Sprat.
  2. Ginger Honey and Lemon Vodka based Liqueur, Duck liver Pâté with Caramelised Onion and Beetroot Chutney,
  3. Buckwheat Vodka Vodka based Liqueur and Salo Pork Fat

These Homemade Vodka based Liqueurs are perfect for Gifts

Our Second Foodtour Stop is the ever popular with locals, Shtolle.

Famous for its Selection of Russian Pies and Rum Baba Cake.  

Russian are somewhat different to American Pies, The dough is made with Brioche dough and not Puff Pastry typically with variety of fillings, both Savoury and Sweet.

Our Recommendations are :

4. Salmon Pie

5. Rabbit and Mushroom Pie

6. Sweet Berry Pie (Cranberry ) or Rum Cake.

Our Third Foodtour Stop is famous all across Russia as a Russian Fast Food Chain : Teremok

It’s a brilliant stop because you get to taste all manner of Russian Food treats.  

As with fast food joints there are many choices, from Savoury or Sweet including Kvas a very very low Alcohol Sweet Beer.

You have a Selection of Bliny (Savoury Pancakes) with variety of fillings from and this a common thread across all Russian Cuisine, Sour Cream , Chicken and mashed Potatoes to Caviar. Sweet Pancakes with Condensed Milk or Caramel.

Soups : Russian love their Soups, from Borsh to Mushroom Soup, Cheese Soup, Meatball Soup. (Available here)

Pelmeni : Pelmeni is super popular in Russia they are also called dumplings here for some reason, think wrapped unleavened dough with variety of fillings from savoury to sweet.

We recommend :

7. Okrishka Summer time, Kvas based Cold Soup (Add Mustard)

8. Pelmeni

The Fourth Foodtour Stop is without doubt the quintessential Saint Petersburg Food thing to do, is to visit the Soviet Style Donut Cafe, famous for its Pishka (Pyshka) or Pishki (Pl) , Russian Style Donut, sprinkled with icing sugar.

Pyshechnaya has an interesting history, this particular shop nearly went out of business in the early 2000’s until as is the legend President Putin who comes from Saint Petersburg having studied at the world renowned Saint Petersburg State University heard about it and informed the mayor who stepped in and saved by getting involved. Today you’ll be greeted by the legendary ancestor great great x 7 great grandcat affectionately called “Pyshka”

We highly highly recommend :

8. Several Pyshka

Our Fifth Foodtour Stop  passes a small Fresh Produce Market, with fresh berries of all kinds, including depending on the Season and Availability ; Goldenberry, Blackberry, Red Currants and Gooseberries. Why we enjoy passing here is you’ll be able to buy the famous in the South of Russia (Northern Caucasus) and Georgia Pine Cone Jam

Fresh Produce Markets are popular with locals as you have limited choice in your local magazine or shop.

The Sixth Foodtour Stop is the most opulent stop and you’ll be able to sample caviar to suit your budget and preference. Here you’ll get to taste a variety of Caviars.
We’ll be sharing more information on our Caviar Tradition on a later post so stay tuned.

10. Caviar

Our Russian Food Tour is all about tasting our exotic food on a fun walking tour.

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