10 Reasons why South Africans are choosing Saint Petersburg Russia as a Holiday Destination

Welcome to our blog, I’m a South African, from Cape Town where I was a Tour Guide and ran my own travel business, I now live in Saint Petersburg as from June last year and have this to say about why South Africans are choosing Saint Petersburg Russia as a Holiday Destination.

I arrived just before the World Cup Football 2018. As you know when we hosted the World Cup Football in South Africa 2010 , it was a huge boost for travel to South Africa, Russia hosted an amazing World Cup football last year the effects will be felt way into the future.

Here are my 10 reasons why South Africans are now choosing to visit this beautiful and Culturally Rich City, Saint Petersburg Russia.

  1. Free Visa for 90 Days, No Visa Required except your valid Passport  is the foremost reason why getting here is far easier than its ever been. All you need is a valid passport and you are waved right in at the LED airport. ( You’ll need to keep that little slip of paper its called an immigration card and hand it back to passport control when you leave ) 
  2. Cheap, Cheaper than Europe with better value. Russia is super cheap its one of the few places you can actually get more bang for your Rand. Just Google for exchange rates but it usually hovers around x 5 Rubles to the ZAR. 
  3. Everything is about 30% percent cheaper than in South Africa, this is obviously general statement, but you’ll find this across the board with things like Accommodation, Food , and Transport .
  4. Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautifully designed cities you’ll see in your lifetime, waterways, and magnificent opulent Palaces , golden and onion domed Cathedrals, little wonder why its called the Cultural Capital of Russia.
  5. Clean and Safe. You’ll find police on just about every corner of the city, including Navy, Military Head Quarters. You’ll instantly feel safe enough to walk the streets at any time of day or night. 
  6. You can pay by cash or card at most places, which is quite convenient and exchange Forex safely at most banks at reasonable rates. .
  7. Russians love their Museums and Art, you can visit the second largest Art Collection in the world at the Hermitage or Winter Palace as it is also called, and also visit the exquisite  Catherine Palace and Peterhof.   
  8. Highly efficient public transport, from underground Metro’s or Trains, Trams above ground, and buses. The Soviets knew how to deliver workers efficiently across the city.
  9. Exploring the city on foot is quite amazing as most of the iconic Tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other.
  10. Explore the city by boat (During Summer) is another fascinating way to take in the city. You can reach the beautiful Peterhof Palace and Gardens with its magnificent fountains by hydrofoil/ boat. 

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