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Saint Petersburg with Alexander

The Grand Tour is a perfect way for you to get an excellent introduction and feel for this beautiful city.

Join Alexander Hart, internationally experienced tour guide and story teller extraordinaire on a Free Tour Saint Petersburg. 

Alexander is an enthusiastic native english speaking tour guide who loves showing guests around, his adopted city.  

In our experience is it always better to tour with owner of the business, as they generally take more care to deliver a quality tour as their livelihood depends on it This goes for most service industry vocations. 

10:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 (19:00 on request)

Underneath the Archway leading to Palace Square ( See Google Map below) 

90 mins is perfect length for  a free tour saint petersburg , we value your precious “holiday time” and seek to make the most of your time with us

This also gives you time to explore some of the awesome sites we point out on the tour, for instance fitting in the Hermitage, or Walk on the Isaac Cathedral Colonade.

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Tours Start Underneath the Archway

Free Tour Saint Petersburg

Our Free Tour Saint Petersburg Russia is perfectly in line with the international travel trend towards “hyper local” experiences, the free tour concept has been around for a few years now, and we have taken the concept further, by making the experience more personal  and special for you as the guest.


Free Tour Saint Petersburg is a our special offering, where you will get to spend your precious holiday time with owner and tour guide Alexander.


“I’ve noticed a trend over the time I’ve been taking free tour, generic tours can get a little boring with unenthusiastic guides going through the motions, sounding like they have repeated the same stale jokes 100’s of times before.”


This is where we are different. I take you on a personal Grand Tour of this beautiful city, with care and passion because I simply love what I do, showing my guests around  places of interest and genuinely enjoy it.

We call our Free Tour Saint Petersburg Russia the Grand Tour because it is exactly that , the Grand Introduction Tour to this beautiful city, like showing your home off to new visitors. Saint Petersburg is considered the cultural capital of Russia, Russia’s favourite city to travel to for both Russians and International Tourists.

The”Grand Tour” is our Introduction Tour to this historic and culturally rich city. The Introduction free walking tour covers the most iconic tourist sights, offering  useful historical stories and aims to bring the city’s interesting stories to life, in a fun and engaging way. The tour takes 90 mins.

Time : 10:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 (19:00 Special request) 

Route : Palace Square : Hermitage, Alexander Column, Admiralty, Atlantes Statues. Neva river : Peter and Paul Fortress, Rostral columns, Kunskamera , Menchikov Palace, Bronze Horseman, Isaac Cathedral.

Saint Petersburg is a very young city by European standards built on a swamp, in fact when you consider the first 30 years of its existence  during Reign of its founder Tsar Peter the Great many of the buildings that you see today where already lining the banks all of the Neva river. The city was founded on the 27 May in 1703, by Peter the Great who had recently taken both the Swedish fortress of Nyenschantz and the city of Nyen, on the Neva river which was within the Swedish controlled Ingrian territory.

It is sometimes called the Venice of the North, and also feels a lot like Dutch cities, the swamp beneath secured by “tree trunk piles” or foundations upon which both the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Isaac Cathedral was built. The is beautifully designed and laid out.

Now days Saint Petersburg is an astonishingly Beautiful City full of old world charm and of course still bearing the  palatial splendour and opulence of Tsars  (To Be honest her Tsarinas had the more opulent flare) , also with an interesting social history, with 70 years of Communism before 1991.

There are beautiful buildings and landmarks to see and hear about on the Grand Tour, in fact on this tour you’ll get to see all the major landmarks along the Neva River and in the central Tourist District.

The Grand Tour is an excellent way to get a feeling for the city of Saint Peterburg and hear about her  fascinating histories, interesting stories and legends told by International Tour Guide (Now Tour Operator ) and Native English Speaker Alexander Hart.

Alexander is an expat from South Africa who met his now wife while conducting a walking tour in the heart of Cape Town, he moved here and married her, and expecting a baby boy soon. 

“I absolutely love showing guests around Saint Peterburg, arguably one of the worlds best city to explore or both foot and the water.” 

I have half a day

I have a day

  • Peterhof Fountains
  • Amber Room / Catherine Palace

Grand Tour

Introduction Tour


The”Grand Tour” is our Introduction Tour to this historic and culturally rich city. The Introduction walking tour covers the most iconic tourist sights, offering useful historical stories and aims to bring the city’s interesting stories to life, in a fun and engaging way.


90 minutes 

Route : Palace Square : Hermitage, Alexander Column, Admiralty, Atlantes Statues. Neva river : Peter and Paul Fortress, Rostral columns, Kunskamera , Menchikov Palace, Bronze Horseman, Isaac Cathedral.

Hidden Gems Tour

Legends Tour


The Hidden Gems Tour explores interesting hidden away places and reveals some of the cities secrets and legends. Our local tour guides are encouraged to share their own personal stories and favourite gems, making this tour personal and more interesting.


90 Minutes 

Route : Nevsky Prospect:  Kazan Cathedral, Singer Building, Church of the Spilled Blood,  Field of Mars, Mikhail Castle, Magazin Kuptsov Yeliseyevykh, Catherine ll Monument

Night Tour

Saint petersburG

2000 RUB per person

The Night Tour explores Saint Petersburg’s inner city at night, includes the most popular street in the central tourist district, Nevsky Prospekt . Take in the vibe, and hear her stories, as we point out a few hidden gems, including interesting places to eat and drink.


2 hours

Route : Palace Square at Night, Neva River, Nevsky Prospect:  Kazan Cathedral, Singer Building, Church of the Spilled Blood, Magazin Kuptsov , Anichikov Bridge. 

Russian Food Tour


2000 RUB per person

Our Russian Food Tour, is a fun 2 hour walking tour within central Saint Petersburg, we stop at authentic Russian Food Restaurants/Cafes and sample a variety of delicious traditional Russian food treats. 

Join our local guides and food enthusiasts on a fun filled Russian Food Tour aimed at visitors who want to get a taste of the local food culture. The idea behind our most popular tour is to get a real taste of Russia. We visit a few stops at Restaurants/Cafes on our tour which are carefully curated to give you an overview of both Saint Petersburg specific and Russian dishes and treats, including other interesting places to eat and drink which you can explore after the tour.

The tour is a walking tour which takes about 2 hours ( we try and plan for queuing ) this is why it is important to book up front, but you can make last minute booking if you decided to join us at the last minute. Our Route changes according to trends and service and of course availability of our favourite dishes. Come hungry , bring cash or card for food and drinks and food gifts ( +/ – RUB 3000 p/p). Tour Costs : RUB 2000 per person

 *Bring Cash or Card for Food*


Skip the line Hermitage Tour

World Famous art Museum

from 4500 RUB per person

The Hermitage also known as the Winter Palace is without doubt the Jewel of Russian Cultural Crown, the second largest Art Museum in the world, housed in an Opulent Palace makes its the most sought after “must see” Palace in Saint Petersburg. Because it is such an exquisite palace there are huge lines or queues of visitors during Summer months. Our professionally guided tours are popular because you get to see the highlights of the museum which would otherwise be an overwhelming experience to take in all the magnificent artworks and pieces if you were to do it your own. One could literally spend weeks exploring all the halls and galleries this is why the guided tour is popular.


Metro Tour

palaces of the people

2000 RUB per person

The Metro Tour is a fascinating tour through the Historic Saint Petersburg Metro system. The Tour is designed for rainy days and cold weather. Metro Stations were designed as “Palaces of the People” in the height of the Soviet Union’s Communist policies. More Museum than boring stations.interesting places to eat and drink.


2 hours

Peterhof Fountains

Half Day trip

Peterhof  is an exquisite early 18th century palace with glorious gardens next to the Gulf of Finland. People come from all over the world to see her  spectacular FOUNTAINS , that are an engineering marvel, as they run by force of gravity without pumps.

Peterhof Fountains – are the soul of Peterhof gardens” – a Russian artist once said. More than 100 fountains spread over more than 102 hectares (over 250 acres) of spectacular garden landscaping. Its one of the 3 most visited tourist attractions on offer. Worth a visit. 

This Opulent Palace is located away from the city centre in a small town called Pushkin. It came to house the world famous Amber Room, it was built as a gift to Catherine l (not as is often mistaken Catherine ll )  by Peter the Great. The palace received royalty from all over the world in opulent splendour. During WWII it was used as Nazi HQ and some believe it was the Germans who “stole” the Amber Room during this time. Carefully rebuilt, its baroque halls now house the famous Amber Room

Boat Tour

city from the water

From 900 RUB per person

This is another fun way to explore the city , from the water. Boat tours are guided in English and are very popular with both locals and International tourists alike. 


1 hour

We understand that when you visit Saint Petersburg you want to take it all in and are possibly looking for something unique and different. We are open to suggestions, and an tailor your needs to suit. Contact us and we could work something out specific to you.

We also offer a variety of unique tours if you are looking at exploring something new and off the beaten track but still within the city limits, your side streets and places only locals know about. 

  • Soviet Architecture Walking Tour which includes a Metro Ride.
  • Peter and Paul Fortress Tour




Alexander brought this beautiful, historic city to life with interesting stories and facts about the many places we saw on our walking tour. He is well spoken and clearly has a passion for what he does.It was our first guided walking tour and it made seeing this city (with a toddler) hassle-free and fun. It certainly won’t be our last as this was one of our better experiences on our trip.  – Carmen Carlson

My wife, myself and two year old daughter took a fun, interesting, entertaining and highly informative walking tour around Saint Petersburg with Alexander. He is a patient, knowledgeable guide who was very flexible to the needs of our young family. Highly recommend taking a tour around the city with Alexander who will give you lots of insight into this fascinating, beautiful city. – Patrick Carlson

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Owner and Tour Curator Alexander is an expat from South Africa who is passionate about giving guests an awesome experience of this vibrant city.  He is a professional walking tour specialist with nearly 6 years experience. We also have other local guides to choose from depending on your choice of tour, and of course their availability during a very busy time of year, Summer 

Why we choose the heart is because our story is a love affair across continents. Alexander met his Russian wife Olga on a walking tour he was leading in Cape Town. And to symbolise this we love taking pictures of our guests doing the heart shape on selfies and pics.

“My name is Alexander Hart ” too 

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